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Bananas, Books and Pancakes

Bananas, Books and Pancakes
Bananas, Books and Pancakes
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Looking for a way to make reading fun? Fantasy Theatre Factory has the answer with its production of Bananas, Books and Pancakes. The show uses comedy, costumes, mime & music to bring selections from award-winning children's authors to life. Students will witness two children discovering the true meaning of friendship, a child learning that a bad day is what you make of it, and they'll learn what happens in a classroom when the substitute teacher is a... gorilla! This is a wonderful program for students to become involved in the reading process and inspire them to race to the library for more books by these and other authors!


Selections Include:


- "Rosie & Michael" by Judith Viorst

- "A Terrible Day" by Patricia Reilly Giff

- "The Day the Teacher Went Bananas" by James Howe

...and more. 

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