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Cultural Arts Partnership at the Sandrell Rivers Theater


Fantasy Theatre Factory at the Sandrell Rivers Theater is proud to present the Cultural Arts Partnership (CAP@SRT). CAP@SRT seeks to establish unique and program-driven partnerships with both emerging and established cultural organizations or artists who are committed to creating and presenting innovative, thought-provoking, diverse, and/or new artistic work in theatre, dance, music, art, and other multidisciplinary forms.

We extend a formal invitation to artists, cultural managers, directors, producers, and theatre companies to apply and present performing arts projects in theatre, dance, music, mime, puppetry, circus, and other forms of performance art to be a part of our season of the arts at the Sandrell Rivers Theater.

Join us in the pursuit of artistic excellence and bring your innovative projects to life through this partnership. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial partnership with you.

​Selected Projects:
  1. Sin Lear  September 8th- September 10th, 2023.

  2. The Equivalent of Sensation by FemuScripts. September 9th- September 10th, 2023.

  3. Black Popcorn by Luckner Bruno. September 16th- September 17th, 2023.

  4. Smiley.  September 29th- October 8th, 2023.

Past Projects:

1. City Theater's Homegrown Program

2. Birds of Paradise by Pioneer Collective

Goals of the Program:
  1. Facilitate the creation and presentation of high-quality artistic work by emerging and established arts organizations through program partnerships.

  2. Increase the activation of the Sandrell Rivers Theater's performance spaces by providing opportunities for artists and cultural organizations to showcase their work.

  3. Expand community access to exceptional arts and cultural experiences by supporting diverse and innovative programming at the Sandrell Rivers Theater.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • This program is open to professional arts organizations or individuals who are dedicated to the creation and presentation of innovative, thought-provoking, diverse, and/or new artistic work in the areas of theatre, dance, music, art, and multidisciplinary performances.

  • Priority consideration given to 501(c)(3) Organizations.

Selection Criteria:
  • Artistic excellence and cultural relevance.

  • Professional experience for cast and production team members.

  • Adaptability to technical and logistical conditions of the production.

  • Commitment to community engagement and audience development.

  • Clear plan for marketing and promotion.

  • Feasible budget and fundraising plan demonstrating financial sustainability.

  • Potential for long-term impact and partnerships.

  • Priority consideration given to world-premiere projects, exceptional artistic excellence, and programs showcasing diversity and inclusivity.

Committee Members:
  • The selection committee for this program will be composed of FTF's Artistic Director, Associate Artistic Director, and Theater Manager. At their sole discretion, the committee may choose some, all, or none of the applicants received.

Terms of Program Partnership:
  • Box Office Responsibilities:

    • Fantasy Theatre Factory (FTF) will have exclusive control over ticket sales. Tickets will be available for purchase through FTF's online, phone, and in-person box office.

    • All events, including those that are free, will require tickets for admission.

    • FTF will provide the producing company with regular updates on ticket sales, including the number of tickets sold, remaining tickets, and revenue earned.

    • All ticket sales must comply with FTF policies and guidelines, including but not limited to pricing, discounts, and promotions.

    • Any disputes or issues related to ticket sales or distribution must be addressed by the producing company and FTF management in a timely and professional manner.

  • Revenue Sharing:

    • The producing company will receive 70% of the net box office receipts.

    • FTF will receive 30% of the net box office receipts or a minimum of $700 per performance for the Black Box Theater and $400 for the Dance Rehearsal Studio, whichever is greater. Other spaces may have different pricing.

    • Box office reports will be provided to the producing company within fifteen (15) business days following the close of each performance.

    • FTF will deduct all applicable taxes from the gross box office receipts before calculating the net box office receipts.

    • The producing company may request a box office advance of the anticipated net box office receipts, subject to approval by FTF management. The advance will be deducted from the final settlement.

    • FTF will handle all ticket sales and will provide box office staff for each performance.

    • Any disputes regarding box office receipts must be resolved within thirty (30) days of the close of the program activity. After that time, the box office report will be considered final and binding.

  • Pricing Policy:

    • ​The producing company will determine the ticket prices for their productions, including but not limited to prices for General Admission, Student, Military, Groups, and complimentary tickets.

    • FTF will add a $2.00 facility fee to the cost of each ticket sold.

    • The producing company will be responsible for paying the $2.00 facility fee for all complimentary tickets.

  • Venue Options:

    • Black Box Theater: $700/day or 30% of net income.

      • Max seating 200, typical seating 174 in proscenium configuration. Other configurations available upon request, with additional fees for reconfiguration.

      • Dressing rooms and green room available for cast, with one dressing room available for storage of props, costumes, and small set pieces with advance approval.

    • Dance Rehearsal Studio: $400/day or 30% of net income. 

      • Max seating 80, typical seating 60 in round configuration. Other configurations available upon request.

  • Technical Requirements:​​

    • All set pieces and scenery must be mobile to allow for other events and shows during multi-day engagements.

    • Productions must be substantially complete upon moving into the theater. No drilling, stapling, or painting (except minor touch-ups) is allowed.

    • Load-out must be completed on the last day of the program activity unless otherwise agreed upon in writing with management.

    • The producing company must provide a detailed list of all equipment and materials that will be used during load-in and load-out. FTF management must approve this list in advance.

    • All equipment and materials brought in by the producing company must be removed from the venue upon load-out. Any items left behind will be considered abandoned and may be disposed of by FTF at the producing company's expense.

    • Any damage caused to the venue or equipment by the producing company during load-in, load-out, or the performance will be the responsibility of the producing company and must be repaired or replaced at their expense.

    • The producing company must adhere to all fire and safety regulations and guidelines during load-in, load-out, and the performance. Any violations may result in penalties or fines.

    • FTF reserves the right to restrict or prohibit the use of certain equipment or materials that may be deemed hazardous or may cause damage to the venue or equipment. The producing company must comply with any such restrictions or prohibitions.

  • Performance Schedule:

    • ​The rates for this program are based on a 4-hour program day that must be consecutive and can occur any day of the week between 7 AM and 12 AM. A typical performance day includes house setup (1 hour 30 min), the show (2 hrs.), and closing of the house (30 min) utilizing this 4-hour formula.

    • Productions exceeding the 4-hour time frame will be charged an additional fee of $175 per hour or part thereof for the use of the Black Box Theater or $100 for the Dance Rehearsal Studio.

    • The 4-hour time frame is the minimum requirement, and productions utilizing less than 4 hours will still incur the same costs.

    • Any additional time required beyond the 4-hour program day, such as technical rehearsals or load-in/load-out, will be subject to additional fees and must be coordinated with FTF management in advance.

    • The producing company is responsible for ensuring that the program day remains within the agreed-upon time frame. Any changes or delays must be communicated to FTF staff as soon as possible.

    • FTF reserves the right to adjust the program time requirements based on the needs of the venue and other scheduled events. In such cases, FTF will work with the producing company to find a suitable alternative time frame.

    • The producing company is responsible for any overtime fees or penalties incurred as a result of exceeding the agreed-upon program time.

  • Rehearsal Schedule:

    • ​The producing company is responsible for conducting rehearsals off-site, but they may discuss the possibility of on-site rehearsals with FTF management.

    • If the producing company plans to conduct on-site rehearsals, they must inform FTF management as soon as possible to ensure venue availability and necessary arrangements. Additional fees for on-site rehearsals will apply and depend on factors such as the length of the rehearsal period, the number of crew members, and any special requirements.

    • Productions may load into the venue one to two days before the first performance, subject to theater availability and coordination with FTF staff.

    • FTF will provide a Technical Director to assist with the tech rehearsal process, load-in, performance timeframe, and load-out.

    • FTF will provide the producing company with technical requirements and specifications for the venue and equipment that must be followed during rehearsals, load-in, and load-out.

    • The producing company is responsible for the safety and well-being of all performers and crew members during rehearsals, and they must comply with all health and safety regulations. 

    • It is the producing company's responsibility to ensure that all rehearsals, load-in, and load-out times are completed within the agreed-upon schedule. Any changes or delays must be communicated to FTF staff immediately.

  • Staffing Requirements:

    • FTF will provide a Box Office Associate, House Manager, Technical Director, Security Guard, and Custodian to assist the producing company during performances. 

    • Backstage crew members are the responsibility of the producing company and must be hired by them.

    • The producing company must provide FTF with a list of all crew members and their contact information at least two weeks before the load-in date.

    • The producing company is responsible for ensuring that all crew members have the necessary skills and experience.

    • A production schedule must be coordinated with FTF, including rehearsal and load-in/load-out times.

    • FTF staff will assist with any venue or equipment-related questions, but the producing company is responsible for the safety and well-being of all performers and crew members.

    • At FTF’s discretion, FTF will recommend additional staff or schedule less members than mentioned above.

  • Promotional Guidelines:

    • The producing company must provide two high-resolution images no later than 45 days before the first performance for use in designing the ticketing portal image, social media content, and online presence.

    • The producing company must submit an event flyer for approval by FTF no later than 15 days before general public ticket sales begin.

    • The producing company must prominently display the logos of CAP@SRT, Fantasy Theatre Factory at the Sandrell Rivers Theater, Miami-Dade County, and the State of Florida on all marketing materials.

    • All events must be marketed as "presented in partnership with Fantasy Theatre Factory at the Sandrell Rivers Theater."

    • The producing company must provide FTF with a list of all media outlets and publications to which they plan to send press releases or media alerts, and include FTF in all press releases related to the event. The producing company must also provide FTF with copies of all press coverage received.

    • The producing company must agree to promote the event through their own social media channels, including sharing and promoting posts made by FTF on their official social media accounts.

    • The producing company must agree to work with FTF to provide promotional opportunities, such as interviews or appearances, for performers or members of the production team on local media outlets.

  • Cancellation Policy:

    • If the producing company decides to cancel the project before the first performance, they must notify FTF no later than 30 days before the first rehearsal at the SRT.

    • If the producing company decides to cancel the project during or after the first performance, they must pay $400.00/$700.00 per performance.

    • If the producing company fails to notify FTF about the cancellation of the project, they will be ineligible to apply for this program for the next 5 years.

    • In the event of a cancellation, the producing company must return all previously paid compensation to FTF within 30 days of cancellation.

    • FTF reserves the right to cancel a production at any time, for any reason, and will notify the producing company as soon as possible in such a case.

    • If FTF cancels a production due to circumstances beyond the producing company's control, FTF will refund any fees paid by the producing company.

  • Insurance Requirement:​

    • ​The producing company must provide a Certificate of Insurance from a company with a rating of no less than A-.

    • The producing company must provide proof of insurance to Fantasy Theatre Factory, naming Fantasy Theatre Factory and Miami-Dade County as additional insured at the address listed below:

      • Fantasy Theatre Factory, 6103 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33127

      • Miami Dade County, GSA, 111 NW 1st ST #2340 Miami, FL 33128, Risk Management Division Property & Casualty Unit.

    • The insurance must have a General Liability Coverage of $1,000,000.

    • The Certificate of Insurance is due with the first deposit.

    • If the producing company is unable to furnish this certificate, they must notify FTF at the time of application for consideration of a case-by-case waiver.

    • The Certificate of Liability Insurance must be valid for the entire production period.

    • If the producing company makes any changes to their insurance coverage during the production period, they must provide FTF with updated insurance documents within 5 days.

    • FTF reserves the right to request additional insurance coverage or proof of insurance at any time during the production period.

    • If the producing company fails to provide valid insurance or update their insurance coverage as required, they will be ineligible to participate in the program.

Submission Requirements:
  • Name of the project

  • Artistic Discipline

  • Producer or representative contact information

  • Cast & artistic team (if available)

  • Ticket prices

  • Preferred dates of performance and alternate acceptable dates (if available)

  • Duration of the performance

  • Short synopsis of the proposed program (900 characters maximum)

  • Program detail narrative, including clearly marked sections on:

    • Artistic Approach Narrative (9000 characters maximum)

    • Key Staff/Artists Biographies (1800 characters maximum)

    • Program Timeline (3000 characters maximum)

    • Marketing Strategy (3000 characters maximum)

    • Target Audience (900 characters maximum)

    • Technical Specifications for Program (3000 characters maximum

  • Optional attachments, clearly labeled and not exceeding 10 attachments in total, including items such as:

    • Scripts

    • Photos of the program

    • Videos

    • Resumes

    • Marketing materials

    • Examples of past work

    • Published reviews

Application Deadlines:
  • Submissions are reviewed 4 times a year for different performance periods.

    • Applicants can submit at any time of the year for the following periods:

      • 1st Quarter:

        • Deadline to Apply: June 30th.

        • Panel Meeting: July 1st - 7th.

        • Performance Period: October - December.

      • 2nd Quarter:

        • Deadline to Apply: September 30th.

        • Panel Meeting: October 1st - 7th.

        • Performance Period: January - March.

      • 3rd Quarter:

        • Deadline to Apply: December 31st.

        • Panel Meeting: January 1st - 7th.

        • Performance Period: April - June.

      • 4th Quarter:

        • Deadline to Apply: March 31st.

        • Panel Meeting: April 1st - 7th.

        • Performance Period: July - September.

    • ​Additionally:

      • Consultation on proposals is available year-round.

      • Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

      • Applicants will receive invitations to participate within two weeks of the panel meeting for their desired performance period.

Funding Resources:
  • Applicants are encouraged to check out the following grant funding resources:

    • Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs: Offers grant opportunities for artists and organizations.

    • Funding Arts Network (FAN): Provides grants and support for emerging and mid-career artists and arts organizations in Miami-Dade County.

    • Knight Foundation: Provides funding for innovative and creative ideas that can enhance communities.

    • Miami Foundation: Offers various grants and programs to support community organizations and initiatives.

Submission Information:
  • To submit your CAP@SRT proposal, visit

  • For any questions about the CAP@SRT Program, please contact Rommel Arellan-Marinas, Associate Artistic Director, at 305-284-8800 ext. 467 or email

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