Cultural Arts Partnership at the Sandrell Rivers Theater


Fantasy Theatre Factory at the Sandrell Rivers Theater presents a brand-new Cultural Arts Partnership (CAP). CAP seeks to form unique, program-driven partnerships with emerging and established cultural organizations or artists dedicated to the creation and presentation of innovative, thought-provoking, diverse, and/or new artistic work (theatre, dance, music, art, multidisciplinary).

  1. Support the creation and presentation of high-quality artistic work by emerging and established arts organizations through presenting program partnerships;

  2. Increased activation of the Sandrell Rivers Theater’s performance spaces.

  3. Increase community access to great arts & cultural experiences.

​2019-20 Projects:
  1. March 28th, 2020: 10000 Strong Black Leadership Summit by The Circle of Entertainment.

  2. April 2nd, 2020: UNFOLD: The Pride Plays by Ricky J. Martinez.

  3. May 1st & 3rd, 2020: Boys Will Be Boys by Randolph Tyrone.

  4. September 11th, 12th & 13th, 2020: The Short and Short Of It by Bruce Karp.

CAP Program:

Fantasy Theatre Factory (FTF) at the Sandrell Rivers Theater (SRT) invites artists, cultural managers, directors, producers and theater companies, American and international, to present performing arts projects (theater, dance, music, mime, puppetry, circus, performance, etc.) to be part of our 2020-2021 season of the arts at the Sandrell Rivers Theater from Oct 1st, 2020 - Sep 30th, 2021.​​​​

Who may apply:
  • Professional arts organizations or individuals.

How Programs will be Selected/Evaluation Criteria:
  • The program demonstrates artistic excellence & cultural relevance.

  • Cast and production team members demonstrate a record of 1 year minimum of professional relevant arts experience.

  • All projects must be flexible to the technical and logistical conditions of the Sandrell Rivers Theater.

  • Priority consideration will be given to world-premiere projects and/or those projects demonstrating high levels of artistic excellence

Terms of Program Partnership:
  • Box Office Control:

    • FTF will be the sole vendor of tickets. Tickets will be sold via FTF’s online and phone box office and in-person on event days.

    • All events must be ticketed, even those that are free.

  • Box Office Distribution:

    • Producing Company: 70% of Net Box Office Receipts

    • FTF: 30% of Net Box Office Receipts or a minimum amount of $500 per performance (whichever is greater) for the Black Box Theater or $250 for the Dance Rehearsal Studio. Other rooms are subject to different costs.

  • Ticket price:

    • ​Each producing company will set the ticket values for each production. I.e. General Admission, Student, Military, Groups, comps, etc.

    • FTF charges a $1.00 facility fee per ticket for all tickets sold.

  • Space:

    • The following space is available for performances:

      • ​The Black Box Theater: 

        • Maximum seating of 200, typical seating 174 in proscenium configuration. Seating for configurations other than proscenium may be discussed with FTF staff for exact seat counts.

        • The Black Box Theater is offered in a standard Proscenium configuration. Any request to change configuration must be made clear in the applicant’s request and will be subject to additional fees for staff labor to reconfigure the space (a minimum of $500 fee).

      • Dance Rehearsal Studio:​

        • Maximum seating of 80, typical seating 60 in the round configuration. Seating for configurations other than round may be discussed with FTF staff for exact seat counts.

        • The Dance Rehearsal Studio is offered at a fee of $250.

      • Other spaces available upon request.​

    • ​Cast will have full use of the dressing rooms and green room during the performance(s). If necessary, one Dressing Room may be used as storage for props, costumes, and small set pieces – subject to advance approval of management.

    • All set pieces/scenery should be mobile to allow the production of other events and shows in the event of a multi-day engagement. Some projects may share the same time frame but perform at different days and times.

    • All productions must move into the theater substantially complete – there is no drilling or stapling to the floor allowed, and no painting allowed (aside from minor touchups).

    • Load-out must be completed on the last day of program activity (unless agreed to otherwise in writing with management).

  • Program Time Requirements:

    • ​The rates for this program are predicated on a 4-hour program day. These 4-hours must be consecutive and may occur any day of the week from the hours of 7 AM – 12 AM. Utilizing this 4-hour formula, a typical performance day is shown below:

      • House setup. (1hr 30 min)

      • Show. (2 hr)

      • Closing of the house. (30 min)

    • ​A fee of $125 will be charged for each extra hour of the production or part thereof exceeding 4-hours.

    • The 4-hour time frame is a minimum, for productions utilizing less than 4-hours, the same costs will apply.

  • Rehearsals:

    • ​The producing company is responsible for conducting rehearsals off-site. Producing companies are welcome to discuss the possibility of on-site rehearsals with management – these rehearsals would be subject to additional fees.

    • Production may load into the venue 1-2 days before the first performance, according to the availability of the theater and in previous coordination with the FTF staff.

    • FTF will assist the producing company with a Technical Director during the tech rehearsal process, load-in, performance time frame and load-out.

  • Staff:

    • ​FTF will provide the following staff for the performances:

      • ​1.    Box Office Associate, House Manager, Technical Director, Security Guard, Custodian.

    • ​The producing company will hire all the backstage crew.

  • Marketing:

    • The producing company must send 2 pictures/images in high resolution no less than 45 days before the first performance to design the ticketing portal image, social media content and online presence.

    • The producing company must send event flyer to be approved by FTF 15 days before sales are open to the general public.

    • The producing company must use the Fantasy Theatre Factory at the Sandrell Rivers Theater, Miami Dade County and State of Florida logos for all marketing materials.

    • All events will be marketed as “presented in partnership with Fantasy Theatre Factory at the Sandrell Rivers Theater.”

  • Cancellation:

    • Before the first performance: The producing company must notify FTF no later than 30 days before the first rehearsal at the SRT.

    • During and after the 1st performance: $500.00 per performance must be covered by the producing company if they decide to cancel the project during the first day(s) of production.

    • If the producing company fails to notify FTF about the cancellation of the project, the producing company will not be allowed to apply again for this program for the next 5 years.

  • Liability Insurance:​

    • ​The producing company will provide to FTF a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming FTF and Miami-Dade County as additionally insured; if the producing company is unable to furnish this certificate it must notify FTF of this at the time of application for consideration of a case-by-case waiver.

Selection Committee:
  • The committee will consist of FTF’s Artistic Director, Associate Artistic Director and Theater Manager. They may choose some, all or none of the applicants received for this program at their sole discretion.

Documents and information to submit:
  • Name of the project.

  • Artistic Discipline.

  • Producer or representative information.

  • Cast & artistic team, if available.

  • Duration of the performance.

  • Ticket prices.

  • Preferred dates of performance and alternate acceptable dates if available.

  • Synopsis of the proposed program (900 characters maximum.)

  • Program Detail Narrative, including clearly marked sections on:

    • Artistic Approach (1500 characters maximum);

    • Key Staff/Artists Biographies (1800 characters maximum);

    • Program Timeline (3000 characters maximum);

    • Detailed Program Narrative (9000 characters maximum);

    • Marketing Plan (3000 characters maximum);

    • Target Audience (900 characters maximum);

    • Technical Specifications for Program (3000 characters maximum).

    • (Optional) Clearly Labeled Attachments. All attachments must be in PDF, JPG, MP4, or MOV format. Do not exceed 10 Attachments in total. Include items such as:

      • Scripts;

      • Photos of program;

      • Videos;

      • Resumes;

      • Marketing materials;

      • Examples of past work;

      • Published reviews.

  • 2020-2021 Season of the Arts:​

    • Publication of bases and online submission: October 7th, 2019.

    • Consultation deadline: September 15th, 2020.

    • Reception of proposals: November 1st, 2019 - September 30th, 2020.

    • Invitation to selected projects: October 30th, 2020.

    • Publication of selected projects: November 9th, 2020.

About the submission:
  • Go to to submit your play online.

  • Fantasy Theatre Factory is located at the Sandrell Rivers Theater, 6103 NW 7th Avenue, Miami, FL – 33127. For more information about Fantasy Theatre Theatre, please visit

Grant Opportunities:
  • We encourage applicants to check out the following grant funding resources:

    • Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs:

      • Grant opportunities for artists and organizations.​

    • Funding Arts Network​ (FAN)

    • Knight Foundation

    • Miami Foundation


For any questions about the CAP@SRT Program, please contact:

Rommel Arellan-Marinas, Production Manager/Associate Artistic Director.

Fantasy Theatre Factory at the Sandrell Rivers Theatre.

Phone number: 305-284-8800 ext. 467


6103 NW 7th Avenue, Miami, Florida – 33127.

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Because of YOU and your generosity we can make a difference.

Each year FTF produces well over 500 programs that reach over 150,000 people all across South Florida, the entire state, and internationally.

Help us bring the magic of theater and the joy of learning!


It is our policy to comply with all of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. To request materials in accessible format, and/or any accommodation to attend any Fantasy Theatre Factory event, please contact Evelyn Sullivan,, at least five (5) days in advance to initiate your request, TTY users may also call 711 (Florida Relay Service).


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