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Gordon Gumshoe
Gordon Gumshoe
Gordon Gumshoe
Gordon Gumshoe
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Jack's magic beans have vanished! Cinderella's slipper has disappeared! Throughout Fairy Tale Forest pieces of fairy tales are missing. Unless they turn up soon, the stories will be lost forever! Time to call in Gordon Gumshoe, Fairy Tale Detective.

Join in the fun as Gordon navigates the caper of a lifetime, complete with tantalizing twits, crazy characters, and a surprise ending that will amuse the most seasoned of sleuths. Gordon needs his audience of JR. detectives to point out clues, deliver messages, and watch his back - when things get a little rough.

Puppetry, magic, slapstick comedy, and audience participation are sure to entertain the young and the young-at-heart. Gordon Gumshoe, Fairy Tale Detective is sure to have you "cracking up" as he cracks the case!



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Gordon Gumshoe,

Fairy Tale Detective


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