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Time to save the kingdom! In Lorali, a new play by Todd Kessler, groundbreaking creator of the hit Nickelodeon show Blues Clues, children in the audience play an important part of the story. In this interactive play, kids in the audience help Lars, a young farmer, the Princess Lorali and a sorceress (who’s actually a scientist), as they fight to save the Lorali Valley from deadly pollution. Join the action as our heroes battle the wasteful Prince Apato and his evil, pollution-loving mother, Queen Drusilla, who have poisoned all the plants with black water. As they join the actors in this playful adventure, children will learn to defy powerful bullies, ignorance, and cruelty with courage, learning, and humor.

                This 50-minute program is highly interactive, energetic and perfect for elementary school students of all ages. The play focuses on anti-bullying and pro-science messages, all wrapped in an epic adventure! Complete with over-the-top villains, a good and strong princess, and a simple farmer-boy-turned-hero, Lorali is an adventure that appeals to educators and children alike. The program incorporates Florida Sunshine State standards for science, ecology/environmental education, and theatre.

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