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(Curriculum-Based, Theme-Based, Theatre Arts, Cultural Arts)

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Teachers - help is on the way! Fantasy Theatre Factory’s Outreach Workshops combine artistic expertise with core-curriculum objectives, directly incorporating Florida Sunshine State Standards.


Our professional teaching artists develop a creative arts environment where children explore, discover, use imaginative play, and work together in the process. Topics of workshops vary from Drama-across-the-Curriculum, Theme-Based, Basic Acting, Vocal Techniques, Scene Study, Basics of Costume and Scenic Design, Circus Skills, and more! FTF’s Education Department works with you to design and implement an arts outreach workshop that meets your program’s needs.


Basic Categories of Program Options:


  • Drama-across-the-Curriculum (DAC): using drama to teach curricular subjects such as Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Health and Wellness, Social Studies, or Character Education. FTF currently has two successful Language Arts programs called The Art of Reading and Reading with Expression, which utilize the energy, excitement and motivational factors of theatre performances and workshops and integrates them with reading for comprehension and expression. These workshops provide a hands-on approach to learning by achieving academic benchmarks through dramatic activities like improvisation, storytelling, and tableau. DAC workshops directly incorporate Florida Sunshine State Standards! 

  • Theme-Based: FTF can conduct post-show workshops exploring themes from the performance just seen. Get inside the world of The Never Everglades, re-create the spine-tingling fun of Little Monster Tales, or go on a reading adventure with Bananas, Books, and Pancakes. Each workshop provides students with a backstage pass, question and answer sessions with the actors, and the opportunity to become the actor in activities based on the play. It’s a great way to connect learning with the performance, enriching the student’s comprehensive experience.

  • Theatre Arts Workshops: Why not learn from the pros? By surveying different aspects of performing arts from acting to puppetry, our highly skilled teaching artists give the students a taste of basic techniques necessary to perform. Students will be able to access the tools of an actor, using their mind, body, and voice more effectively for the stage and everyday tasks. Technical theatre workshops are also available, and workshops can be tailored to match the developmental stage of a variety of ages, from 4 years old to the college level. 

  • Cultural Arts Workshops: Want to expose young people to a variety of artistic forms? Cultural Arts workshops provide a sampling of fine arts from theatre, dance, music, writing, visual arts, and circus arts, creating an awareness of and appreciation for new forms of expression. These workshops are excellent tools by which to stimulate student interest in the arts in a safe, exploratory manner. Recommended especially for “at-risk” students.

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