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Wizards, and Dragons, and Books... Oh My!

Whales, Magic and Cheese... oh my!
Whales, Magic and Cheese...oh my!
Whales, Magic and Cheese... oh my!
Whales, Magic and Cheese...oh my!
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"Wizards, and Dragons, and Books... Oh My!" is FTF's newest literacy incentive and bully prevention show. The story stars Jojo, a great kid who loves to read... That is until some kids in the lunchroom start calling him names like "bookworm." To avoid the bullying, Jojo goes to Mendel's Magical Book Shop, hoping that he can sell his books and use the money to buy video games, so he'll fit in with the other kids. Once in the Magic Book Shop though, things take an unexpected turn as the stories in his books magically start to jump to life all around him! Now, all of the pages to Jojo's books are blank and the characters from his books are running wild in real life! 

It's up to Jojo to retell the stories to get his old friends to go back on the page. While Jojo works to get his favorite characters from his books to go back on to the pages they belong in, he remembers why he loves to read some much in the first place; It's really FUN! Along the way Jojo starts to realize that all of his books have characters in them who are different, and that being different is what makes them special. 

This show artfully weaves its featured books into its thru-line to create a show that both encourages reading and celebrates diversity.


Program book selections include:


- Not Your Typical Dragon by Dan Bar-el 

- Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley 

- If I Had a Gorilla by Mercer Mayer, and others

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