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Fantasy Stew

Fantasy Stew
Fantasy Stew
Fantasy Stew
Fantasy Stew
Fantasy Stew
Fantasy Stew
Fantasy Stew
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What is Fantasy Stew? 

The Fantasy Cooking School is out to create the most fantastic Stew ever!  CHEF gives cooking orders to his three bumbling assistant cooks, then leaves them alone to discover for themselves how to find the recipe. 


Fantasy Stew, is Fantasy Theatre’s newest mixture of fun, comedy and children’s stories.  It celebrates imagination and makes children and adults laugh out-loud.


Fantasy Theatre uses the best ingredients from:

 - “Andrew’s Loose Tooth” by Robert Munsch

 - “Swimmy” by Leo Lionni

 - “JellyFish Stew” by Jack Prelutsky


We add in a pinch of Dr. Seuss and toss in a hilarious story called “Stinky Cheese Man” by John Sciescka.


These great stories are swirled together with great actors, costumes, props & puppets and cooked up on a hot stage and… Voila!... Fantasy Stew! is a show that is awarded two thumbs up for satisfying audience tastes! 

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